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What made Priyanka Gandhi lose her cool at the candlelight protest march
Posted 13 Apr 2018 12:03 PM

Congress president Rahul Gandhi’s call for a midnight candlelight march to India Gate over the Kathua and Unnao rape incidents on Thursday drew a huge crowd. However, among the participants there were selfie-seekers and some who just wanted to rub shoulders with politicians. Something which did not go down well with the Congress chief’s sister Priyanka Gandhi who lost her cool when she got pushed and shoved among the unruly lot.

In a video that has gone viral, Priyanka Gandhi is heard telling the crowd to respect the cause for which they gathered at the India Gate. A visibly miffed Priyanka, who attended the protest march along with her husband Robert Vadra and their daughter, also asked the people those who were creating nuisance to go home. Later, she appealed to the crowd to keep calm and march silently.

Unnao and Kathua rape protests Rahul Gandhi at the candlelight protest march near India Gate on Friday. (Express photo by Gajendra Verma)
“Those who are here to push around people must go home. Now please maintain calm and walk silently. Think about the cause for which you have come here” an angry Priyanka told the crowd. She was also seen snapping at some media people who wanted a byte from her.

Some Congress leaders asked the people in the march to keep it a “silent” protest, even as a few were seen taking selfies as well, compounding the problems for the police, who had a tough time controlling the crowd as someof them were drunk too. Many of them had crossed over the barricades and even broke through them. Traffic movement too came to a halt near the India Gate. The SPG too had a very difficult time protecting Rahul Gandhi from the chaotic crowd.

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