Prince Philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth, escapes unhurt from car crash -
Prince Philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth, escapes unhurt from car crash
Posted 19 Jan 2019 04:57 PM

Queen Elizabeth's 97-year-old husband Prince Philip was recovering at the couple's home in eastern England on Friday after escaping without injury when his car flipped over following a crash with another vehicle.

Philip was at the wheel of his Land Rover when it collided with another car on a road close to the royals' Sandringham private residence in Norfolk on Thursday afternoon, Buckingham Palace.

While the woman driver and a female passenger in the other car which also had a baby on board needed hospital treatment for minor injuries, Philip was unhurt, although shaken.

"It was an astonishing escape for everyone," said Roy Warne, 75, who pulled the prince from the wreckage.

Witnesses told media the accident had occurred when Philip was pulling out of a driveway onto a main road.

"There was a huge collision with another car. I went to the other car and there was a baby in the back," a witness said.

"MY LEGS! MY LEGS!" The Sun tabloid splashed on its front page — reportedly the phrase Prince Philip "yelled" as he was pulled from the wreckage.

It quoted him as saying: "I was blinded by the sun."

Police said both drivers involved in the accident had been breath tested but neither were over the alcohol limit. Coincidentally, local councillors were due to meet on Friday to discuss safety concerns and lower speed limits on the road where the accident took place.

The accident stirred up what The Sun described as Britain's "age old debate" about whether and when the elderly should give up driving.

The issue is especially sensitive in the case of the royals, with the Daily Mail noting: "There's only one person who can tell him to stop driving. But will she dare?"

In Britain, licenses expire when a person turns 70 and are renewed through a simple self-assessment test.

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