Amrita Rao: Playing Meena Thackeray was an honour -
Amrita Rao: Playing Meena Thackeray was an honour
Posted 23 Jan 2019 05:51 PM

Actress Amrita Rao who will be seen as Balasaheb Thackeray’s wife Meena in the film Thackeray says she wouldn't term this film as her comeback film.

Rao reveals how she had no option but to do the film. “Producer Sanjay Raut and director Abhijit Panse did not give me a choice. They narrated the story, closed the script and, in Marathi, they said that they have already imagined me as Maa Saheb (Bal Thackeray’s wife) and that I have to do it. I said ok then I will do it.”

"In 2016 i choose to debut in a finite series on TV because I wanted to explore the larger vast audience. Its nice to see that there is creative freedom now than ever before," she added.

Talking about her role she said: "It was very difficult in terms of research because there was nothing much available on her. This film is a huge compliment to me, its an honor to be cast in this role."

Amrita reveals she has turned down quite a lot of films as she wasn't comfortable with the intimate scenes in it and she reveals it didn't hamper her career anyway.

'I have been offered so many films but i have refused all of them number of big films I have refused. but the filmmakers also understood it and nobody got offended because an actor has to be true to themselves to give 100 percent to the opportunity."

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