Kerala serial killer Jolly, who killed six family members, was planning to kill two more kids -
Kerala serial killer Jolly, who killed six family members, was planning to kill two more kids
Posted 09 Oct 2019 11:25 AM

In another sensational twist to the Kerala serial killings, main accused Jolly Shaju allegedly planned to commit more murders.

Jolly Shaju, already accused of killing six members of her family, allegedly planned to kill two more people -- this time children.

KG Simon, Kozikhode rural SP, who is heading the SIT in the case, revealed to India Today TV that Jolly had plans to kill two children in the family just like she had before -- by feeding them food laced with cyanide.

Talking to media, Simon said, "There was an attempt to kill two more kids in a similar fashion."

The Kerala Police also received inputs about some suspicious incidents that occurred in the family and is now probing if Jolly Shaju was involved.

Without giving away details, Simon said, "We have got inputs about some incidents in the family. Though there haven't been any deaths, the family has doubts."

Simon revealed that the children also showed symptoms similar to those poisoned -- seizures and apnea (breathing problems) but they managed to survive.

At the moment the police are withholding the identity of the probable victims but have confirmed that they were close to the Thomas family.

Police expand probe

As more information about the horrific killings tumbles out, the state police have decided to expand the scope of the special investigation team (SIT) probing the serial killings.

The team needs more hands as fresh details were coming out each day with the questioning of more people.

Police have said that experts will be now be inducted into the investigation team and that it will seek the help of the best labs in the country to conduct 'trace analysis' on the exhumed bodies.

The SIT is also exploring the possibility of approaching foreign labs if the need arises.

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