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CJI Gogoi made it clear, Ayodhya case will be heard today
Posted 16 Oct 2019 11:38 AM

The trial of Ayodhya Ram Janmabhoomi, which is under the watch of the entire country, can be heard only on Wednesday. This is indicated by the time shared by the Supreme Court on Tuesday to present the parties to the parties.

During the hearing on Monday, the court had indicated to complete the hearing on Wednesday during the discussion. However, the court had earlier said that the trial should be completed by October 18 and later by October 17.

>> The Chief Justice made it clear

Indication of completion of hearing on Wednesday was found as soon as the hearing started. When some lawyers pleaded with the court to give him time to present his case, Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi said that the trial is going on and he is not giving any time to anyone, he will complete the hearing tomorrow. will that do. After this, the court once again said during the hearing that today (Tuesday) is the 39th day of hearing and tomorrow will be the 40th day. The hearing will be completed tomorrow.

>> Senior advocate K Parasaran put the side on behalf of Hindu side

After the initial discussion, the hearing lasted for a day, senior counsel K Parasaran from the Hindu side opposed the case of the Sunni Central Waqf Board, and after the Parasaran completed the debate, the lawyer CS Vaidyanathan stood for the debate. So the court asked how long it would take for them to complete the debate. Vaidyanathan said that two hours. It was four in the evening.

The Chief Justice said that he could not be given so much time. They complete their debate in one hour. The court will listen to them from a quarter to four and a quarter to five. Vaidyanathan said that the Muslim side has given three written notes which they have to answer. Give them just 60 more minutes on Wednesday, but the Chief Justice expressed his displeasure that he knows who adheres to it.

Vaidyanathan said that he never violated the schedule. On this, the court said that you should come after Diwali and complete your argument. By saying this, the court intended that the debate would not be completed till Diwali even if it did. However, after this herald the court got up to take a 15-minute break. And 15 minutes later the hearing resumed in which Vaidyanathan debated for an hour.

>> Many parties demanded time

At the end of their arguments, the Chief Justice, while distributing time to the remaining people, said that Vaidyanathan would be given another 45 minutes on Wednesday. An hour after that Rajiv Dhawan will get a response from the Muslim side. The court will then hear both sides on the issue of alternative demands. The court said that both sides will get 45–45 minutes for this. Only then did many parties demand time. Gopal Singh Visharad's lawyer Ranjit Kumar said he only needed two minutes. On this, the Chief Justice bluntly said that he has divided the time between the two sides, at the same time, they should divide themselves whether they take two minutes or ten minutes. After saying this, the back got up.

>> Time to correct a historical mistake

Senior advocate K. Parasaran, appearing on behalf of Hindu side Mahant Suresh Das, said that Babur was the aggressor. He said that India is a civilized country that did not attack anyone, here is the spirit of guest deo bhava, acharya deo bhava, sage deo bhava. But many invaders came here and they caused havoc. The Mughals, Turks, Britishers came. Babur invaded here and built a mosque at his birthplace. How can it be said that he was the ruler and was above the law. No invader has the right.

>> Namaz may be held in another mosque but birthplace cannot be changed

Parasaran said that in addition to this historic mosque in Ayodhya, there are 50 to 80 mosques in total, Muslims can offer Namaz anywhere but for Hindus it is the birth place of Lord Ram and the birthplace cannot be changed. On telling the number of mosques in Ayodhya, Rajiv Dhawan stood up and asked how many temples there should be told. Parasaran's answer to this was that this too is by population.

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