Frankfurt- Meet the Fortuner rival from Mahindra -
Frankfurt- Meet the Fortuner rival from Mahindra
Posted 18 Sep 2017 01:18 PM

At Frankfurt, we also saw the new Rexton on display and Mahindra will be bringing it next year. With the SsangYong brand not taking off in India, the new Rexton will have a Mahindra badge. The new Rexton is a sea change over its flabby predecessor. The design is sharper and more premium. It is huge and stands tall with an aggression which was never there with the earlier one. We liked the grille and headlamps rounding off a softer look while the upright proportions are butch like an Endeavour or Fortuner. However inside is where things take on a different level. Quality and plushness is reeking from this cabin and the new Rexton looks fantastic from inside.
It uses Nappa leather plus there is tons of space inside. The materials are easily class best from what we saw and the overall interior looks like it belongs to a much more expensive luxury car. Of course, it is kitted out with all sorts of features. In terms of engines, we will get the 2.2 turbo diesel with a Mercedes-Benz 7-speed automatic transmission plus 4WD of course. The issue is pricing and Mahindra knows it has to price is cheaper than the Fortuner to get any sales.

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