Now Shekhar Suman comes out in support of Hrithik Roshan -
Now Shekhar Suman comes out in support of Hrithik Roshan
Posted 13 Oct 2017 11:41 AM

Hrithik after almost a month broke his silence and stated his stand on the allegations being leveled on him by Kangana. Kangana during the promotions of her film Simran gave many controversial statements against many of the Bollywood celebrities including Hrithik, Adhyan Suman and Aditya Pancholi.
But Hrithik denied all the allegations of Kangana being leveled on him through a Facebook post. Hrithik also posed many questions through his Facebook post on Kangana.Recently, Hrithik’s colleague Farhan came in support of him and said, ‘’’They’ve accepted her story at face value. Isn’t this discriminating against the other party? For a moment, let’s put aside emotion, prejudice, biases, our understandably protective instincts and look at the facts as they exist today.”
Meanwhile, Yami Gautam also supported her Kaabil co-star through a Facebook post. And now actor Shekhar Suman in an interview to a leading website spoke in depth about the complete issue. He appreciated Hrithik’s move and said that it is good that he finally broke his silence.
‘’Hrithik too suffered a lot. He should have spoken out long ago and put an end to this. Else you're simply giving a handle to someone to mock at you and defame you. And the whole world laughs at you Hehehe... Is that fair just because someone kept quiet for a long time? No, it is not fair. But how do you stop the people? So I think, late alright, Hrithik has spoken and I think it is very clear now,’’ he said.
Shekhar further added, ‘’Anyway, jaisi karni wasi bharni. The truth has come out from Hrithik's side. I am sure that many people who took Kangana's side earlier are now having second thoughts. Let not any falsehood go through as content anymore and the paid janta should stop clapping. Baba, this is surely not entertainment."

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