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'BJP offered Rs 1 crore to switch loyalty, got Rs 10 lakh in advance', claims Hardik Patel’s aide
Posted 23 Oct 2017 10:26 AM


In a sensational claim, a senior member of the Hardik Patel-led group campaigning for reservations for the Patel community has alleged that he was offered Rs 1 crore to join the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).
Narendra Patel made the claim hours after he had announced on Sunday evening, in the presence of Hardik Patel’s former aide Varun Patel who had crossed over to the BJP, that he was joining the saffron party.
Addressing a late-night conference in Ahmedabad, Patel, however, suddenly flipped sides and alleged that he had been offered Rs 1 crore by the BJP through Varun Patel. The allegation has been denied by the latter.
He also claimed that was given Rs 10 lakh advance on Sunday itself and was promised that the remaining Rs 90 lakh will be given to him on Monday.

Showing bundles of 500-rupee notes worth Rs 10 lakh which he claims he received as advance, Narendra Patel said, “Varun Patel contacted me in the morning and asked me to meet him at his residence. He then took me to Gandhinagar to meet Jitu Vaghani. Varun then gave me the money.”
He further alleged that he was told to attend BJP’s programme on Monday after which he will get the remaining Rs 90 lakh. “The next deal will depend on how you work in future,” he added.
Reacting to the allegation, Varun Patel claimed that this was a conspiracy hatched by the Congress.
“Congress has lost its mental balance which is why it has resorted to this. Congress’ Yuvraj is feared that he has lost the support of Patidar community and that is why they are trying all these gimmicks,” said Varun Patel.
“If Narendra Patel was right, he should have received the remaining Rs 90 lakh and then called a press conference,” he added.
Narendra Patel also said that he is devoted for the wellbeing of the Patidar community and no one can buy him.
Narendra Patel’s allegations come amid five Patidar leader, including him, joining the saffron party in the last two days. The BJP is yet to react to his sensational claims.

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