Khand Mithe Log Dogre, Team Jammu to organise traditional fashion show on Dogra culture -
Khand Mithe Log Dogre, Team Jammu to organise traditional fashion show on Dogra culture
Posted 28 Dec 2017 05:17 PM

Khand Mithe Log Dogre in collaboration with Team Jammu is going to organise a traditional fashion show with a focus on Dogri, Kashmir and Ladakhi culture of Jammu and Kashmir State, on the eve of Lohri festival.
While addressing a joint press conference here on Wednesday, Chairman, Team Jammu, Zorawar Singh Jamwal and Chairperson, Khand Mithe Log Dogre, Amar Chouhan and its Founder Er. Himasnhu Jai Hind stated that, “it is for the first time that a show is being organised in which exclusive focus has been made on Dogra culture. The main aim of this event is to promote the Dogra culture and its heritage. As it is also a fact that in today’s world, our youth are giving more importance to western culture. And this is happening by compulsion as right from primary education level, English language is given top priority”.
While appealing to the people of Jammu to allow your wards to learn Dogri language as well as keep them well informed about our Dogra history and culture , Zorawar said, “Keeping all this these things in mind, Khand Mithe Log Dogre and Team Jammu have designed a traditional fashion show on the theme of ‘Aass Dogre Aan, Akhneyaa Shaanne Kannee’, which would be held on January 10 at Government College for Women, Gandhi Nagar, Jammu”.
While elaborating the said event Chairperson Khand Mithe Log Dogre, Amar Chouhan informed that the programme will be divided into three rounds, where the first round will be ‘The colour of Duggar Pradesh’ in which the participants from different areas of Jammu and Kashmir will use traditional props of the State and will walk on the melodious tunes of folk songs of J and K. She further said the second round will be Tred West round in which participants will show their creativity about how they can look beautiful and modern in a refined and sophisticated manner, whereas last round will be the main round i.e. Mr. and Miss Duggar 2017-18 in which participants will wear traditional Dogri dress and walk on tunes of the traditional marriage ceremonial songs.
In addition to Jammu District, participation is also being expected from various districts including Udhampur, Kathua, Samba and Ramnagar belt.
The founder KMLD, Himanshu Jai Hind said that the main purpose of this event is to give a message to the youth to never forget their roots and stay connected to their tradition and culture.
Team Coordinators Arun Slan, Asif Khan, Ruhi Sharma and Anchal Verma were also present on the occasion.

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