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5 Type Of Skirts That Every Girl Should Have This Summer
Posted 19 May 2017 01:12 PM


It isn't really a secret that come summers we invest in a lot of cute skirts. It is after all the season about being minimal and doing all that you can from feeling throttled by your own clothes in the wretched heat. But which skirts should you invest in and which of them shout versatility and timelessness? Don't worry! We tell you the 5 skirts you NEED to own to look fashionable, weather appropriate, but not over the top.

1. Chambray Button Down
Denim mini-skirts are woefully old in terms of trend; it is all about chambray midi skirts. They are perfect for a quick brunch date and even for casual Fridays at work. Plus these skirts can look good from a range of a cute tshirt to a crisp pastel shirt. We suggest you invest in one as soon as possible!

2. Skort
Sleekest thing you will own! A skort is basically shorts with a skirt flap overlaying; it is structured, it is stylish and it is perfect for the weather without you looking too casual. Our pro tip would be to wear it with heels so the elegance of the silhouette is compounded!

3. Neutral Midi
A super sophisticated item for your closet, a midi skirt in neutral colours like beige will give you ample opportunity of getting creative with your accessories. It speaks business and feminine like nothing else, and would look spectacularly special with pastel accompaniments.

4. Tutu Skirt
Quirky, eclectic, fun and flirty -a tutu skirt is that one item you may not think you want but trust us, you definitely want it. Even your most rugged tee if worn with a poofy skirt can make you look like a princess. This will definitely be a collector's item in your closet, and also a prized possession!

5. Black Maxi
Most comfortable thing ever! They are basic, they are useful and can go from noon to night with just a few changes to your overall outfit. It is both boho and street savvy plus looks good with a lot of chunky jewelry. Invest in this fantastically timeless piece and you will definitely thank us.

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