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‘Save’ launches ‘Pyaas Bhujaao Doston’ campaign
Posted 20 May 2017 12:44 PM


‘Save’, a society working for animals and birds, today launched a campaign “Pyaas Bhujaao Doston” to protect the animals and birds from scorching heat.
The campaign is aimed at inculcating the habit among youngsters to care for the animals and birds with which we share this planet. Other objective of the campaign is to provide clean drinking water for birds and animals round the year through community participation.
The campaign is started at this time of the year, when the temperature is very high and it is hard for animals and birds to hydrate themselves. During the coming weeks, the team of ‘Save’ will install water bowls all around the Jammu to help animals and birds withstand the heat.
During the campaign, the volunteers of the society will be visiting the people from door to door and explain them about ‘Save’, its mission, the condition of animals and birds in this heat and the need of regular cleaning of pot and refilling of water.
Further, the chairperson of the ‘Save’, Rumpy Madaan (Honorary Animal Welfare Officer, J&K) explained that like us animals also get dehydrated due to heat and they may eventually die, therefore a small effort by us to place water for animals and birds can make a big difference between life and death for them.
Volunteers distributed 60 earthen pots and 100 plastic recycled pots which can be filled with water and food and can be hung on tress also. 70 cement customized pots for both small and large animals were also distributed for motivating people towards the campaign. Animal lovers can contact for support and help wherever needed at 9419238289, 9419240167.

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