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Har-Ki-Pauri temple Jammu
Posted 24 May 2017 02:12 PM


Har Ki Pauri temple of Jammu is a modern day temple built on the banks of the river Tawi. The temple is attracted by a huge number of devotees nowadays due to its magnificent idols and the presence of idols of almost all the Gods and Goddesses of Hinduism.
Har Ki Pauri temple of Jammu is divided into three sections. The river bank is named as Ganga Ghat although the river over here is Tawi. The first section of the temple has a magnificent idol of Ganeshji on the temple roof. This idol is visible even from a long distance outside the temple. This particular section of the temple has a shrine of Chamunda Devi, the Goddess sitting on lion. On either side of this main shrine, the idols/shrines of Surya (Sun God), Dharma, Yama, Chitragupta, Santoshi, Saraswati-Lakshmi-Ganesh and Siva getting alms from Annapurna. There is a separate shrine where the Goddess Chamunda is in the sleeping posture. The idols of Vishnu and Naga (snake) are found near this shrine.
The second section of the temple roof has the big idol of Hanuman which is visible even from outside the temple. This section of the temple is named as "Rameswar" which has one big Shiv Linga idol surrounded by ten small Shiv Lingas. The idols of Ram, Lakshman and Hanuman performing pooja to Shiv Linga are also present behind the idols of 11 Shiv Lingas. The shrines/idols of Vaishno Devi, Bhadra Kali, Ganga and Tawi are also found in this section.

The third section of the temple is named as Char Dham.
The main shrine of this section has the big idol of Vasudeva. There are other shrines/idols such as Mansa Devi & Ganesha, Puri style Krishna-Baldev-Subhadra, Tirupati Balaji, Badrinarayan along with Nar-Narayan, Garud, Lakshmi & Narad, Kedarnath Linga along with Parvati, Radha-Krishna, infant Krishna, a big Shiv Linga idol named Pasupathinath, Shiv-Parvati-Ganesh, Vittal along with Rukmini, Shravan Kuman and his parents, Dwarakadheesh, etc.
The entrance of the main temple has a shrine for Saneeswar. The temple has a lot of akanda deep (lamps) in various places.

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