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Mid-day meals served in India or anywhere in the world are aimed to increase the nutritional value of children studying in Govt. driven schools, aided schools, EGS and AIE centers as well. These meals are provided to motivate the children from the weaker section of the society.
The largest Midday meal program is that of India, which served more than 120,000,000 children in 1,265,000 schools and Educational centers. According to World Health Organisation almost 43% children who are underweight in India, 32% in Pakistan and 9% in South Africa. India accounts a 49% and 42% of mortality rate as well.
India was ranked 97 among 118 developing countries in the Global Hunger Index which was calculated this year. According to the statistics, India is way behind in keeping the nutritional value intact of the little ones but there are some states in India where the mortality rates are declining and which is improving the current scenario.
India has the biggest food supplementation program in the world with a rapid economic growth and ease of accessing affordable food and food supplement programs for children, still, there are almost half of the children below the age of 5 suffering from malnutrition and are underweight. Malnutrition is the vital cause of mortality in children.
India’s condition is the worst when compared to the rest of the countries in terms of malnutrition. India has a very high economic growth rate whereas it has a very weaker nutritional rate among children.
According to the statistics of Rapid Survey on Children (RSoC), 29.4 percent Children was underweight. The percentage of malnutrition children are in the states of Tamil Nadu (19) followed by Gujarat (18.7), Bihar (13.1), Karnataka (17), Kerala (15.5), Madhya Pradesh (17.5), Maharashtra (18.6) and Odisha (18.3). The lowest number of underweight children is in the states of Punjab (8.7) followed by Haryana (8.8) and Uttar Pradesh (10). Bihar and Madhya Pradesh have the highest rate of underweight children in the main states of the country. Bihar (37.1) has the highest number of underweight children followed by Madhya Pradesh (36.1), Uttar Pradesh (34.3) and Gujarat (33.6). The lowest number of underweight children is in the states of Punjab (16) and Kerala (18.5).

There are innumerable countries in the world who do not have a higher economic growth rate but still are capable enough to serve a good packet of nutritional value to their children. Children are the coming rules, if we will not safeguard their health then there is no fun of launching new schemes or providing fancy offers. Children are our tomorrow. Protect them and nourish them with care.

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