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5 relationship lessons you can learn from Shah Rukh and Gauri Khan
Posted 05 Aug 2017 05:39 PM


1.Here's how they give us relationship goals
There is so much to learn from the King of Bollywood, and it’s not limited to just acting. Shah Rukh and Gauri Khan are perhaps the best couple to look forward to when we need relationship inspiration. From being friends to lovers, they had overcome many hurdles that every couple comes across in their life. This friendship day, we bring to you five relationship goals inspired from the power couple of Bollywood.

2. ​3 decades of togetherness
They belong to an industry where break ups and divorces are subjects of frequent headlines. However, Shah Rukh and Gauri are surely one of the steadiest couples of Bollywood and would be celebrating their 26th marriage anniversary this October. In fact, they have been in love for more than three decades!

3. ​Overcoming all odds
No relationship is perfect, but those who want to stay together make it perfect. Despite belonging to different religions, the couple fought for what they wanted and the rest is history. In fact, they have been very supportive to each other professionally as well. Shah Rukh once shared on a television show, “I started shooting for Dil Aashna Hai in June and we got married in October. Our honeymoon was on the sets of the movie.” He couldn’t have done that without Gauri’s support!
4.​Quality time matters
Despite their hectic schedules, the couple always manages to spend some quality time together. The adorable pictures of the couple vacationing in exotic locations speak louder than words. For Shah Rukh and Gauri, those moments of togetherness matter the most

5.​Family comes first
They are doting parents and are quite protective about their children. Talking about family life and his relationship with Gauri, Shah Rukh once shared on a chat show, “We have known each other for so long, we have surpassed a stage. One of the stages that we have passed is that we don't need to sit under a moonlit night. I think just passing each other across from the bedroom to the living room is romantic. Love is in the air. We have wonderful children who are a proof that we have a wild, loud, screaming romance going on in the house all day long

6. Professional partners
The couple has built an empire together! They endorse brands, own a successful production company and their net worth makes them one of the wealthiest couples in the country, if not the world. Is there something called professional-couple goals.

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