People protest against R&B, block road -
People protest against R&B, block road
Posted 09 Aug 2017 03:29 PM

The villagers from Manyal and other adjoining villages in Thannamandi blocked Rajouri-Thannamndi-Bafliaz Road and held strong protest demonstration for three hours.
They were shouting slogans against R&B authorities for the worst condition of this road. The villagers raised barricades on the road at round 9 am and staged dharna on the road up to 12 noon. A large traffic jam was created there on the road. The villagers said that large pits have been created on this road due to recent rains and R&B authorities did not repair the road. The road users are badly suffering.
In the absence of side drains, the long deep drains have surfaced on the road , thus disrupting movement of the vehicles. The cars and other light vehicles can not move on the road. Later, Tehsildar reached the spot and he pacified the public. He also talked to Executive Engineer R&B Rajouri who assured to fill up pits on the road within a day or two. The public then lifted dharna from the road and allowed movement of vehicles.

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