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With the increasing pace of development in the fields of technology, education, science etc. Mankind is steadily been ruptured by natural calamities which include droughts, earthquakes, and floods. Every year millions of people die due to such natural disasters.
Heavy floods have been experienced in India in the past years, which includes heavy rains across Maharastra covering the areas of Metropolis which received 944 mm (39.1 inches) on 26 July 2005 which killed 1094 individuals. The day is still being remembered as the City came to a standstill.
In 2014, Kashmir valley experienced a massive and devastating flood, which was one of the worst natural calamity in the century according to the Ex-CM Omar Abdullah. The disaster paralyzed the state Govt and the entire valley
In June 2015 Gujarat experienced heavy floods which resulted in the widespread flood in Saurashtra region of Gujarat and it killed more than 70 people. Wildlife of Gir Forest National Park along with the adjoining areas. The rain reached about 8 inches (200mm) on 4th September. The Armed forces came to the rescue of people and they termed the mission as “Mission Sahayata.
In 2015 South India was flooded due to heavy rains, Adyar and Cooum rivers in Chennai was the main cause of the flood and which resulted in a lot of human and financial loss.
In 2016 floods were experienced in Assam which affected 1.8 million people and in 2017 Gujarat was flooded by heavy rains which took the lives of 83 people. The earliest is the Bihar floods which ruined the entire village and killed almost 41 people till date, people are facing difficulties to cope up with the prevailing situation. With each passing day, the death toll is increasing steadily.
Major causes of floods are caused by ecological, natural or anthropogenic factors either individually or as a combined results. Some of the factors include Rise in river bed, Heavy precipitation, Cyclones, Cloud burst, Deforestation, Inadequate drainage arrangement, Silting in Delta areas.

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