Posted 25 Aug 2017 04:34 PM

There was a time in our school when we were very conscious about our school uniform. The recent protests by the girls of GCW parade Jammu don't seem to be taking the same line. As the name indicates the uniform is a symbol of equality among students and it is one of the modest clothing of one's daily routine clothes. It is designed as per the factors of comfort and economy of every student.
Article 19 of Indian Constitution provides us freedom of doing protests, freedom to assemble peacefully. But whether this right is absolute, the question arises here. Your demands must be legitimate. The girls are demanding the resignation of principal and removal of the compulsory uniform clause. This isn't any form of legitimate demand, thus, This protest stands invalidated. The girls should talk with authorities and try to solve the matter in between college itself. By bringing media and fellow students from other colleges. You'll only bring chaos to the situation and not any solution which is need of the hour.
At last, Girls should also reconsider that GCW parade is autonomous college. Thus, the protests may have some repercussions over career too.
Dr. Anita Sudan, the principal of GCW college mentioned that they trying to make discipline in the college as they found four girls missing from the college and one of them was found in Allahabad. Later on, they made a check on every student entering the college premises with proper uniform and to be punctual in the institution. She even stated that “I never forced any of the students to make plaits.
Now, GCW Parade Principal Prof Anita Sudan has been attached to the Office of Director Colleges till pending inquiry while Prof Geetanjali Andotra, under transfer to GDC Banihal, has been posted as Principal, GCW, Parade Jammu.
Till final investigation, we cannot predict who is the real culprit is and whose wishes should be commanded.

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