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Jared Leto is a workaholic
Posted 26 Aug 2017 01:25 PM


Actor-singer Jared Leto said he has no distinctive life and likes to keep himself engaged with work.
The 'Suicide Squad' star said he would much preferably be writing a song or working on a movie than partying and meeting up with friends.
"I actually don't have a personal life, but I love my work. I'd rather work on a piece of content or do something that I'm excited about than a lot of other things," Leto said.
The 'Walk on Water' hitmaker has very few friends and had previously said that Oscar-winner Leonardo DiCaprio is one of his closest pals.
"I don't have many friends so I do enjoy spending time with the few that I have.
"Leo is really funny. I've known him for a very long time. But he's usually busy. There are people I'm really enamored with but it's hard to find time to spend with them."

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