The beautiful girl with a rare and enchanting syndrome -
The beautiful girl with a rare and enchanting syndrome
Posted 06 Sep 2017 11:00 AM


Ketlen Silva de Jesus is an 11 year old Brazilian girl who has been making waves on the internet, and it's not just because of her stunning sea blue eyes.She became famous on the internet after telling her story on a Brazilian TV program.This is because Ketlen suffers from a rare condition called Waardenburg syndrome.The syndrome affects every 1 in 40,000 people born in Brazil, and is an inherited disease which affects hearing, and eye, hair and skin color.Born into a family whose members all have dark eyes, Ketlen's mom thought that they had swapped her child with somebody else's at the hospital when she first saw her baby daughter.Ketlen was born completely deaf and with sapphire blue eyes, which form a striking contrast with her skin color.Her mother said that she only discovered that her daughter was deaf when she was 1 year old and stayed asleep all the way through some fireworks.Even though her deafness is not irreversible, it was not treated due to a lack of money in the family, who live on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro.Despite all these difficulties, Ketlen never lost her smile nor the sparkle in her eyes, which has helped her go much further than anyone could ever have imagined.Whilst out shopping in the city, the girl was scouted by a Brazilian talent spotter, the photographer João Pedro Sampaio.The photographer said that even before seeing her eyes he had spotted the girl for her profile. It was only after seeing her eyes, though, that he realised her rare beauty.The fine features and style of this girl who is full of attitude made him sure that she would be a hit in the fashion world, and he was right!Ketlen now has a photograph book of her looks, highlighted through the professional lens of the photographer, which promises to help her achieve great things in the industry.The young girl now has a chance to fulfil her dreams and improve her quality of life. She already has big brands and beauty products investing in her career.This is Ketlen Jesus, a young black Brazilian model who suffers from a rare condition, showing the world that beauty can overcome stereotypes, differences and difficulties. Gorgeous!

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