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A six-year-old kid loves Sachin: A Billion Dreams, writes sweet note to Sachin Tendulkar
Posted 09 Sep 2017 03:59 PM

Sachin: A Billion Dreams was well received by critics and audience alike. The film, which hit screens on May 26 this year, captured Sachin's cricket and personal life in substantial detail. It also revealed few aspects of his life which have never been heard of or seen before. Sachin: A Billion Dreams was such a hit that the cricketer is still receiving praise for the biopic. Recently, Sachin received a beautiful hand-written note from a six-year-old kid and he shared the same on social media.

The letter reads as, "Dear Sachin uncle, My Name is Taara (like Sara didi) but I am six years old. I recently saw your movie and I loved it. I laughed when I saw what a naughty child you were. I cried when I saw your last match. Sachin uncle, I want to come and meet you, Sara didi, Arjun Bhaiya and Anjali Aunty. May I Please?"

As the reply to the letter, Sachin wrote, "Hi, Taara! Thank you so much for writing to me.. I'm really glad that you enjoyed the movie. Keep smiling :)."

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Indian Express film critic Shubhra Gupra wrote in her Sachin: A Billion Dreams review, "Sachin: A Billion Dreams, the ‘authorised’ bio-pic of Sachin Tendulkar gives us exactly what it promises: a glowing portrait of a sports star and a legend-in-his-lifetime, whose fortunes are connected to a billion dreams, hopes and aspirations of cricket-mad India. What you get in the 2 hours 20 minute docu-feature is Everything You Knew About Sachin Because You Didn’t Need To Ask, because practically everything he’s done on-field since he was 16 has been chronicled by breathless commentators around the world. You wish in vain for more colourful, complex off-the-field stuff, but this is not that kind of film."

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