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JKCC: Stop coercive measures, intimidation by NIA, ED
Posted 11 Sep 2017 12:05 PM

Jammu and Kashmir Coordination Committee (JKCC), a joint platform of various trade and civil society groups, today urged the government of India (GoI) to immediately stop all coercive measures and intimidation of Kashmiris through NIA and Enforcement Directorate (ED) to discredit the Kashmiri leadership and businessmen.

The demand was made at a press conference by leaders of JKCC including Shakeel Qalander and Siraj Ahmad here on the visit of union home minister Rajnath Singh.

They also demanded restoration of the original autonomous status negotiated and guaranteed to the state till final settlement of the issue as agreed upon. JKCC also demanded demilitarisation of the state particularly the civilian areas, and withdrawal of draconian laws like AFSPA, PSA and others forthwith. “Government of India must sensitise Indian masses regarding the actual story of the Kashmir issue, stop all human rights abuses and violations and punish the culprits indulging in such acts, initiate a time bound and unconditional dialogue with joint resistance leadership and Pakistan who happen to be relevant parties to the dispute,” they said.

KCC leaders said the only way to bring peace lies in the resolution of Kashmir, which will open gateways of development and prosperity to the whole of sub-continent.

“The home minister of India with his primary responsibility of ensuring safety and security needs to answer many questions,” they said. The KCC leaders asked why New Delhi has unleashed a reign of terror on hapless Kashmiris for demanding their promised rights on which United Nations Security Council have passed various resolutions.

“Kashmiris are a party to this dispute through the United Nations. Why do Indian forces in Kashmir behave like enemy forces by killing, maiming, blinding and crippling Kashmiris particularly young boys in their youthfulness apart from razing their properties to ground? Why aren't Standard Operational Procedure (SOP) followed in Kashmir,” they asked

They asked why does use of pellet guns continue despite the home minister’s announcement last year to replace these with non lethal weapons.

“Why is every Kashmiri and the real leadership discredited and demonised for reminding the Indians of their promises made to Kashmiris. Various governmental agencies are being unleashed on them without any rhyme or reason? Why is the government continuing to take pleasure in eroding the special autonomous status negotiated with the state for running its administration till final settlement? Why is media, particularly electronic media, allowed to abuse, humiliate and intimidate Kashmiris including their respected leadership every now and then? Does not media trials of some of Indian TV channels incite hatred and do you think that it will bring peace in Kashmir,” KCC leaders questioned.

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