Through the Golden Arches -
Through the Golden Arches
Posted 14 Sep 2017 04:34 PM


Cavernous golden arches — a throwback to Mughal architecture — make the recently opened flagship store of Delhi-based designer Siddartha Tytler appear bigger than it is. Juxtaposed with muted beige walls, the arches aim to reinforce Tytler’s current design philosophy: elegant, luxurious and not at all over the top. The past few weeks have been hectic for Tytler — setting up the store and then topping it off with an opening show, where his namesake and longtime friend, actor Sidharth Malhotra, walked the ramp.
Tytler was nursing a cold when we met with him — the feverish build-up to the store opening seemed to have finally caught up with him. Tytler agreed. “The past six months have been a blur,” he shares. The result is a 1,000 square feet space designed by architect Anica Kochhar, set in the fashion neighbourhood of Qutub, where it rubs shoulders with the flagship stores of designers Anita Dongre and Tarun Tahiliani.
With 17 years of fashion experience behind him, the flagship store took a long time. “I only wanted to do it when I could commit 100 per cent to it. Otherwise, you see stores opening right, left and centre, and then they shut down with the same frequency. A lot of people had earlier spoken to me about how they wanted to buy my designs but did not know where to find them. I live one day at a time. One fine day, six months ago, I was like ‘I am ready to do this’. And here we are,” says Tytler.
The store stocks a collection of both menswear and womenswear, which has been designed exclusively for space. “These designs and the store, both, wholeheartedly represent my design philosophy — NOTT — not over the top. I have used a lot of shimmer satin taffeta with crinkled knit lame, georgette and taffeta. For embellishments there is applique work, crystals and ombre printing,” says Tytler.
The colours used are muted golds and pastels. “I think every human being needs to strike a balance in the way they look and especially when they dress up, they should not look like a Christmas tree. I will have a fully embroidered sharara with a plain kurta and a bordered chunni. With jewellery, accessories and makeup adding up, it’s important to keep the look balanced,” adds Tytler. With no future plans for expansion at this point, Tytler is doing what he does best — taking it one day at a time.

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