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Festival in Ladakh
Posted 16 Sep 2017 05:38 PM


An extravaganza of music, dance, and handicraft, the Ladakh festival is an annual fiesta organized by the state’s tourism department. The festival works with the idea of enriching Ladakh’s culture, heritage, and tradition for the world to admire upon. Incorporating various kinds of traditional dance performances and competitions, the Ladakh festival is a wonderful opportunity for the tourists to know about the culture and lifestyle of the people in the region. Usually stretched for a period of around 15 days, the auspicious festival mainly takes place in the courtyards of the sacred monasteries of Ladakh. Tourists can either be a part of the vibrant celebrations or just watch as a spectator.

The main events and programs which one can surely expect at the Ladakh festival consist of colorful folk dance that also includes the famous dance of the Champs (Mask dance), music, theatre, polo and archery competitions. Besides, the Ladakh festival also attracts renowned artists to put on their unique stalls on exhibition. These handicraft fairs and exhibitions spare no time in becoming one of the faces of the festival.

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