Rich cultural heritage of Purmandal crumbling; who cares? -
Rich cultural heritage of Purmandal crumbling; who cares?
Posted 05 Oct 2017 11:51 AM


Several historic structures and old buildings, depicting rich cultural heritage in the form of wall graffiti, paintings and architecture in the periphery of Purmandal Temple, also known as Chhota Kashi, are desperately crying for attention to ensure their survival.
It appears the pleas of local residents and thousands of devotees, who visit the temple shrine, are falling on deaf ears for the past several years.
The relics of the past are crumbling brick by brick in front of the decorated board put up by the Surinsar and Mansar Development Authority. In the name of preservation and conservation of these historic structures, no headway has been achieved even after setting up of the separate Development authority.
The general maintenance of the temple complex and its periphery raise questions on the intentions of the State government agencies and local politicians as well with regard to making people aware of the need to preserve these structures.
Barring lip service, even the State BJP ministers have failed to convince the powers at the helm of affairs about the urgent need to preserve these historic structures and restore them to their pristine glory.
The road leading to the temple complex is in bad shape. The toilet complex paints a dirty picture of the place, visited by devotees from distant places.
The disciples and local residents have failed to convince the successive State governments to upgrade the road infrastructure. The road leading to Purmandal Temple is in need of urgent repairs. The dusty patches along the road ahead of Mandal require black topping and expansion. Lack of transport facilities force local residents and devotees to rely on private transport to take a bumpy ride atop these overcrowded buses.
The local market, near the temple complex, also requires facelift as it portrays dismal picture of the historic temple on arrival. The basic amenities need urgent upgradation to attract more pilgrim footfall.

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