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NDKM stages comedy play ‘Chupkar’
Posted 13 Oct 2017 03:12 PM

Nav Durga Kala Manch staged a comedy play ‘Chupkar’, which was written by Dilshad Shazi and directed by Aaditya Bhanu at Abhinav Theatre.
Balram Saini presided over the function as the chief guest.
Chupkar is a full on comedy play based on the family of Nawab Kamaal Khan. A man can do anything for his sake and to fulfill his needs, he may go beyond every instinct. The play starts with the Nawab who often forget his clothes in the neighbor’s house of Mirza where he flirts with Mirza’s wife. When Mirza comes to know about this, he wants to kill Nawab. Nawab and his two servants Sheikhu and Pheikhu always make fool of Mirza with their ideas. Nawab’s wife is a big English maniac but whenever she speaks English, she always spells wrong words which make Nawab embarrassed each time. In the middle, Nawab’s father-in-law comes to his house for some research where he makes two injections. One injection converts old man to young man and the other one converts a man to woman. From there the game starts as Nawab tries to get one injection as he wanted to be young but all his efforts go in vain. In the end, with some confusion Nawab takes other injection that convert him to a woman which make everyone stunned.
The actors who performed in the play were Aaditya Bhanu as Nawab, Ritu Manhas as Begam, Shazi Khan as Shekhu, Sanjay Sonkar as Sasur, Sahil Singh Rajput as Chui Mui, Rishab Manhas as Sansani, Irfana Bano as Beti, Mohit Sharma as damad, Anil Bhat as Shayar, Varun Sharma as Mirza, Ashish Bhat as Kancha and Ishu Sharma as Mirza’s wife.
Lights were executed by Susheel Raina and music was handled by Visharad, make up by Reetu Manhas, and Coordinater Anuroop Pathania.
The show was host by Dharun Kesar DK.

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