Posted 20 Oct 2017 03:23 PM

First time in the history of Deepawali, Delhi has observed celebrating a silent Diwali due to the prompt decision of Supreme Court, imposing the ban on the sale of Firecrackers this year. People were disheartened and deeply affected due to the decision that was a hinder in their Diwali celebrations. Every year people start preparing for the festival months prior to it, but this year the celebrations were deserted due to the ban.
Whereas some people claim to have discovered different ways to get firecrackers through doorstep deliveries by traders and also online purchases,

Plenty of firecracker lovers outsourced the crackers from nearby areas and even online.Traders and vendors told the customers that they can buy crackers from November 1, 2017, as the ban will be lifted by then.

The vendors were refusing to sell the crackers and they had to avoid phone calls from relatives, customers, and friends as well.
As the Supreme Court on October 9 banned the sale of firecrackers in Delhi and NCR till November 1 to curb rising pollution levels during Diwali.

Delhi Police seized over 1,200 kg firecrackers and arrested 29 people for selling firecrackers illegally in the capital.

Last year on Diwali, PM2.5 levels in some areas of Delhi increased to 1,238. The World Health Organization recommends that PM2.5 is kept below 10 as an annual average, as exposure to average annual concentrations of PM2.5 of 35 or above is associated with a 15 percent higher long-term mortality risk.

Delhi and NCR are one of the worst polluted regions in the world, with an annual average PM2.5 measurement of 122. But for many Diwali is all about fireworks.

People are quite upset and didn’t celebrate the festival with the joy and enthusiasm that was seen in the previous years. They claim that the Govt has hurt their religious and emotional sentiments by passing such restrictions. Children of the city were disheartened by the decision and were unable to understand the implications of the ban. As the main purpose of celebrating Diwali for them is to burn lots and lots of crackers.
But never the less we can’t claim it to be a complete cracker free Diwali but rather a less toxic and less noisy Diwali. We hope that India will keep on making such preventive measure to maintain the ecological balance.

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