HEALTH ALERT! This everyday habit can give you diabetes -
HEALTH ALERT! This everyday habit can give you diabetes
Posted 24 Nov 2017 03:50 PM

REGULAR HYGIENE HABIT THAT CAN UP YOUR RISK OF DIABETES: It’s said if you maintain hygiene then good health will automatically follow. So, in order to maintain good health, we all follow habits that we think are good for us. But did you ever imagine that one of these healthy habits could be one of the reasons behind a nasty lifestyle disease - diabetes. With nearly 50 million people suffering from type 2 diabetes, India is known as the diabetes capital of the world. In fact, according to WHO (World Health Organisation), diabetes will be the seventh leading cause of death by 2030. It is one of the major causes of kidney failure, heart disease, stroke, blindness and lower limb amputation.
USING MOUTHWASH MORE THAN TWO TIMES IN A DAY: A recent study published in the Journal 'Nitric Oxide' says that people who use over-the-counter mouthwash twice or more every day are at an increased risk of getting Type 2 diabetes. Shocked to know? So are we. But there is an explanation for the same. Let’s discover.
HOW: Your mouth has both good and bad microbes. The mouthwash that we use to maintain dental health is anti-microbial in nature. It does not differentiate between good and bad microbes and destroy them all. In short, mouthwash is antiseptic in nature. We need these oral microbes for overall metabolic health.
THE PROCESS: The oral microbes change nitrate into nitrite, which is then swallowed by the gastrointestinal tract. The gastrointestinal tract then converts it into nitric oxide (NO) which is an important molecule. It is important as it regulates the insulin level which keeps the blood sugar level in check. Not only the nitric oxide, it also regulates metabolism and energy levels.
THE STUDY: A study conducted in 2013 examined people who used mouthwash more than two times a day for seven days continuously. This reduced their oral nitrate production by 90 per cent and the blood nitrate levels by 25 per cent. As mouthwash kills the useful microbes, it could be making way for the harmful ones.
IS USING MOUTHWASH NECESSARY? No, it’s not. If you are in a habit of brushing and flossing your teeth properly every day, then mouthwash is not required to maintain oral health. Mouthwashes work only on the surface and do not work on the plaque. Anthony Komaroff, M.D., Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School says that mouthwash hardly plays any role in preventing gum disease or plaque.
So, unless your dentist has asked you to, you don't need to use mouthwash. And if you are asked to use it twice a day then you should check with your dentist before following the same.

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