This Skincare Tool Will Help You Get Firm, Glowing Skin At Home! -
This Skincare Tool Will Help You Get Firm, Glowing Skin At Home!
Posted 27 Nov 2017 04:46 PM

With tired faces and sagging, dull skin as a constant concern, many believe that the best way to achieve rested muscles and a relaxed visage is by checking in for a spa facial. While that's partly true, it isn't possible every weekend. So what would you say if we told you it's possible to give yourself a facial massage every night without having to spend the big bucks at a spa? Of course, you'd squeal with excitement.

That's what a jade roller is made for. If you haven't heard of it before, it is a handheld skin roller made of jade and is generally dual sided. While one side has a big roller for larger facial area like the neck and cheeks, the other side has a smaller roller for the eye area and temples.
Although jade rollers have been dotting across our Instagram feeds only recently, they've been around since 7th century China when Emperors used to use similar contraptions. In the crystal world, jade is known for its serenity as well as to ward off fear and anxiety. The tool is a thoughtfully created one which goes beyond superficial beauty to provide a more holistic experience.

When it comes down to skin care, a jade roller promises to do wonders. Besides just the incredibly calm feeling it gives akin to a 5 star spa, the roller also promotes healthy blood circulation, helps better absorption of products, de-puffs and tightens the skin as well as encourages lymphatic drainage. That's why regular roller girls boast of healthier, tighter skin with it.

So if you're trying a jade roller on your face, here's what you should keep in mind.

1. Refrigerate the roller for 15 minutes prior to rolling. While jade is naturally cool, this will make it even more soothing.

2. Be gentle. Light pressure on the roller is enough for it to work well.

3. Always roll in an upward motion to give the skin a lift.

Who knew a jade roller was all you needed for a nightly spa sesh, right?

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