How To Style Your Curls Like Kangana Ranaut -
How To Style Your Curls Like Kangana Ranaut
Posted 28 Nov 2017 04:32 PM

As most of the celebrity sphere wears their hair in beachy waves or poker straight, it's hard for curly haired girls to find hairstyle inspiration. The exception of that; however, is Kangana Ranaut. Ever since she made her mark in B-town, Kangana is one celebrity who flaunts her curls with pride. Whether tight and wiry or loose and long, here are 7 times Kangana Ranaut showed straight haired girls what they were missing.

1. Bright As Ever
Kangana looks nothing less than a ray of sunshine in a ruffled yellow dress, neutral makeup and a curly shoulder length bob.

2. Show Stopper
Nothing beats a head full of tightly styled curls and Kangana pulls off the look to perfection. With their immaculate styling and glossy look, there's nothing we don't love about the hairstyle.

So if you're looking to style your curls like Kangana Ranaut, Zahabia Lacewala, Celebrity Hairstylist at Rikoshe Salon & Academy shares a few hairstyling tips.

1. Once your hair is shampooed and conditioned, rake your fingers through it to detangle it, starting from the bottom and moving on to the top. This won't disrupt any formed curls.

2. When damp, use a comb on curly hair and not a brush. Never when dry though as it will only open the curl and make the hair frizzy.

3. For curly hair, either air dry it or add a diffuser to your blow dryer for well-formed curls.

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