This New Year make heads turn with your chic look -
This New Year make heads turn with your chic look
Posted 29 Dec 2017 04:49 PM

New Year is round the corner guys and we have list of things to do. There will be multiple occasions during which we can flaunt our stylish avatars. So, make heads turn by upping your fashion game in the upcoming year.

* Suit, trench coats and brow bar sunglasses make a great combination. A classic black or navy suit paired with brogues, neat hair and clear or reading glasses is a sterling combination that will definitely leave an impact.

* D'orsay pumps ensembled with a trench coat with brow bar sunglasses is another combination that does wonders. The showy top bar which elegantly links two eye rims at upper points of their perimeters adds character to your daily outfit.

* These days ‘airport look' is the latest fad. The best thing about a casual look is freedom from the customary fashion norms. One can always explore indifferent combinations for that travel look. From trying out athleisure style to breezy outfits with tinted shades attract attention and stand out.

* Pair athletic pants with a basic T-shirt and sports shoes.

* Tapered pants paired with shrugs/long shirts can be paired with funky shaped glasses. The unique shapes are an overstated version of the classic wayfarers and aviators. The combination is unique and makes for a fun ensemble.

Chose the one which suits your body type and get ready to slay.

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