Killing of terrorists matter of pride, celebration: Sethi -
Killing of terrorists matter of pride, celebration: Sethi
Posted 08 Jan 2018 05:27 PM

State Bhartiya Janta Party has taken strong exception to statement of Chief spokesperson of People Democratic Party on attending condolence meeting of slain terrorists as normal political process. Sunil Sethi Chief Spokesperson of State Bhartiya Janta Party said in press release that there is nothing to be condoled in death of enemy of nation and humanity.
He said that in killing terrorists whether Pakistanis or Indians or of any other origin, the security forces are giving sacrifices and precious lives of our security personnel are being lost. Anybody having or showing sympathy towards terrorists is showing disrespect to martyrs of the nation which is not tolerable, he maintained.
“As ruling party, it is duty of political leaders to stand with security forces who are laying down their lives to execute policies of government to contain militancy. It is just not acceptable to condole death of terrorists and security personnel in same breath. After coming in government the narrative and perspective have undergone a change. Killing of terrorists is matter of pride and celebration for the nation and not mourning”, he said.
Sunil Sethi further said that the day anybody takes to terrorism and shed blood of innocents and security forces, he should understand that his end will be soon by a bullet of security forces of the country on which his name is engraved the same moment when he joined terrorism. He further said that government should think about making law to take over bodies of terrorists to be used for medical research and organ transplant.

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