Posted 10 Jan 2018 01:42 PM

Gone are the days when people used to prepare fancy food items at home and stick to the regular tradition food regime. Times have changed the world upside down and people’s taste buds are also changing randomly.
Now people go out with their family and friends to enjoy quality time by eating various types of delicacies whether it is fine dining or street food. Jammu has suddenly flooded with street food joints and restaurants, most of the youth and even adults are found spending their leisure time in The Wave Mall, City Square, Street Food Carts on Gandhi Nagar, Last morh, Channi Himmat and many more.
The most trending junk food among the youth is Chinese dumplings, pizza’s, Champ, Fish, Grilled Chicken and plenty of other items too.
In winters the city has become more congested by tourists from Kashmir as they visit Jammu to get relief from the chilling cold in Kashmir and they are seen all over the place enjoying Jammu’s delicious street food.
We are glad to see that slowly and gradually the small town is gaining publicity and acceptance from the localities as well as the tourists. People love to visit the beautiful city and explore its beauty to the fullest. We wish to see more attractive spots and Food joints to be opened in this New Year as well in the coming years as well.

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