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HCHF to conserve Kharpoche heritage
Posted 10 Jan 2018 03:57 PM

For conservation and preservation of ancient heritage site, Kharpoche, located in Digger Nubra, a meeting was held in Himalayan Cultural Heritage Foundation’s office in Leh on Tuesday between stakeholders. To carry forward the community initiative of Digger in preserving the heritage site more professionally with expert guidance, a committee comprising members from HCHF and Digger village community was formed under the chairmanship of Secretary HCHF Dr Sonam Wangchok and President Lothun Kunfan Shesrig Tsongspa Digger Tundup Tsephel. It was decided that the committee will look for experts to prepare a detailed proposal/DPR for the conservation and site development. The committee will also co-ordinate with experts, concerned government departments and donors as well as take care of the paper work including preparation of proposal and the detailed project reports.
The committee will raise funds through donations, fund raising events and other funding sources. A memorandum of agreement was also signed between HCHF and Lothun Kunfan Shesrig Tsongspa, Digger with mutual understanding and interest in conserving and preserving the ancient monument site of Kharpoche in Digger.
Dr Wangchok appreciated the community initiative of Digger village and assured full support in preserving and conserving one of the most important heritage sites in Ladakh. “The conservation and preservation of the site is important not only for Buddhist pilgrims but it will also boost tourism in Ladakh”, said Dr Sonam adding that project proposal will be prepared under experts’ guidance and advice at the earliest. The heritage site of fortified settlement at Kharpoche in Digger is about three hundred meters in length and has the famous and beautiful rock carving of Bodhisattvas on its three sides carved with a depiction of Mañju?r? (Bodhisattva of wisdom) and Tara, Vajrap??i (Bodhisattva of power in peaceful form) and Avalokitesvara Padmapa?ni.
“The rock carving has some unique features like spaces between the figures are filled with floral decoration which is not common to other rock carving sites in Ladakh. The site also has several boulders engraved with petroglyphs and other remnants. The Rock carving of Bodhisattvas at Kharpoche, Digar, Nubra is in advance state of decay and needs immediate preservation and conservation,” Dr Sonam told STATE TIMES.

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