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Heat in Jammu region fast turning into a furnace: Harsh
Posted 22 Jan 2018 05:41 PM

With Dogra land being taken for granted by a highly apathetic and opportunist alliance at the helm in the State, the heat in Jammu region was fast turning into a furnace, said Harsh Dev Singh, JKNPP Chairman and former Minister.
He said that while the Jammu based ministers were playing second fiddle to their Valley based ministers for keeping their jobs intact, the common Jammuite was paying the price for their cowardice.
The overwhelmingly mandated BJP legislators had proved to be an army of chocolate cream soldiers lacking the nerve and guts to ideologically confront their ally on fundamentals, rued Harsh.
He was addressing the Panthers activists on the seventh consecutive day of chain hunger strike launched by the party to ventilate the public anger against the anti Jammu, anti youth and anti employee policies of BJP-PDP Coalition.
While the tax payers’ money was being brazenly looted by the mandated leaders including ministers and MLAs, the unemployed, under employed and semi-employed was made to suffer on roadside agitating for two square meals a day. He said that while the legislators were making one demand after the other almost on day to day basis for their class with highly obliging ministers conferring liberal doles upon their fraternity at the cost of public exchequer, the poor and marginalised sections were silenced through Lathis and police action.
Even yesterday, Singh said, the MLAs had demanded government vehicles to be provided to them during their sojourn to Delhi, Chandigarh and Mumbai with demand for vehicles for legislators in Delhi having been conceded in the Assembly.
Likewise the minister’s assurance during his reply on grants of Transport Deptt to issue route permit on the recommendations of MLAs was defied logic, maintained Singh. He regretted not a single day was devoted to deliberate upon the issues of unemployed youth or the contractual employees who were protesting in thousands on streets for the last several days and months for their most genuine claims of job policy and regularisation.
Balwant Singh Mankotia, State President expressed grave concern over the loss of innocent lives besides large scale migration of border dwellers that had taken place from LoC and IB during the last few days. He said that these hapless creatures were the victims of not only the Pak shelling but also of the criminal apathy of the State and Central Government which had failed to provide them proper accommodation, health care and ration.
Prominent among those who sat on hunger strike today included Anita Thakur, Mustaq Ahmed, Houshir Kumar, Parshotam Lal, Mohd Latif, Sunil Singh, Gulzar Ahmed, Mohd Rafiq, Mirbal, Mohd Amin, Mohd Luckman, Capt. Narotam Singh, Sarita Sharma and Anamika Sharma.

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