Music Tourism is slowing becoming a thing in India and it’s a good news -
Music Tourism is slowing becoming a thing in India and it’s a good news
Posted 13 Feb 2018 05:09 PM

Thanks to a thriving music scene and young consumers eager to have new experiences, music tourism, a strange and unfamiliar term in India until only a few years ago, is now a massive phenomenon that's only getting more popular.

As the travel industry gears up for yet another year of exciting developments, music tourism seems to be the buzzword in 2018, topping all travel trends across the globe.

In India or elsewhere, music festivals are not just limited to music; the idea behind these is to sell an experience, and the more unconventional the experiences, the better. Music tourism and festivals are not only a great way for independent artists to showcase their talents, but also help bring tourists to new destinations and boost local employment.

In 2018, more people will seek to explore popular unconventional destinations and festivals that reflect the culture, heritage, and ethos of the local region. One such festival is Ragasthan, a winter desert camping festival that's being held for the past two years.

Ragasthan, set to be held in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan from February 23 to 25, 2018, is Asia's first desert camping festival held in the expansive dunes of the Thar Desert. In its third edition this year, Ragasthan will feature an eclectic mix of music, culture, tradition, and a plethora of shared experiences, attracting music and travel enthusiasts from the remotest corners of India.

Over 50 artists, one artists' village, a sociable camping space, a dozen film screenings under the open sky, bars and restaurants, art installations, morning yoga sessions, and football on the softest playground will be part of the itinerary at the festival, promising visitors three days of uninhibited excitement.

Commenting on the trend of music tourism, Varun Gupta, CEO Goomo, said, "A number of events boasting famous international artists have debuted in India over the past few years, producing a year-long packed schedule of music festivals across the country. With more and more state governments looking to boost tourism through musical and cultural events, we have witnessed people from all over the country travelling to various places just to attend these festivals and enjoy the local music, art and culture."

Some of the most popular and leading music festivals in India include names such as NH7 weekender; Sunburn; Hornbill International Music Festival, Kohima; Ziro Festival of Music; VH1 Supersonic; and Ragasthan. As has been seen in the past with the maiden Indian concerts of popular artists like Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber, young Indians and millennial travellers are now willing to travel in huge numbers for concerts of their favourite international music artists.

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