Skyhigh prices of Petrol in India. -
Skyhigh prices of Petrol in India.
Posted 21 May 2018 03:37 PM

Today, everyone in this world is traveling by automobiles and for their functioning petrol/diesel are an essential factor to make them work, but in India, every now and then petrol prices are being hiked very casually and no measures have been taken in pulling down the graph.
Today I was shocked to see the prices it reached to Rs. 78/litre and it can even reach to Rs 100 or Rs 150 in the near future. How can a common man survive with such hefty prices? whereas I was astonished to see the fuel prices in different countries and I am still wondering why the price of fuel is skyrocketed in our country?
Fuel prices in some countries are mentioned below:

VENEZUELA: Believe it or not, but a liter of petrol in the South American country costs a paltry Rs 0.68. In India, it costs over a 100 times.
IRAN: Cost per litre - Rs 20.43
SUDAN: Cost per litre - Rs 22.67
KUWAIT: Cost per litre - Rs 23.83
Algeria: Cost per litre - Rs 24.51.
In Pakistan, the cost of petrol is relatively lower at Rs 49.34 per litre.
Thankfully India is not the only country to have such a high price rate of Petrol, there are plenty of such countries who have fuel prices even beyond expectations.
The Netherlands | Cost per litre - Rs 131.43
MONACO: Cost per litre - Rs 132.11
NORWAY: Cost per litre - Rs 137.56
HONG KONG: Cost per litre - Rs 142.33
ICELAND: Cost per litre - Rs 143.01

People one day will have to shift their luxurious rides to the simpler ones and start making use of their bicycles or even opting to go by foot.
We even hope that our government will soon come up with some relaxation and a common man will not have to burn his pocket to get few liters of petrol.

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