Sports, academics equally important: Sodhi -
Sports, academics equally important: Sodhi
Posted 24 May 2018 03:18 PM

Chairman, J&K Intellectual Civil Society, New Delhi, S.S. Sodhi has said that sports are as important as the academic qualification in everybody’s life.
Sodhi was speaking in the meeting held here wherein all the members of society participated to discuss about the importance of sports in the life of the students and others. Saying that sports clear the different ways of progress and earning livelihood also, Sodhi held that it becomes the duty of the parents and the schools to educate the children about various sports/games, in order to encourage them for participation in any game of their choice.
He also described various benefits of sports/games. He said sports keep the persons healthy and physically fit and healthy persons always have healthy mind and are fit for every job, particularly for the army.
“Sports infuse sportive spirit to help everybody and also source of recreation besides imparting sense of discipline and fellow feelings,” he said adding that sports make the people daring, dashing, adventurous and capable of meeting challenges. The greatest value of the sports and games is to prepare the students and others for studies, competitions and hard work, he said. In view of the aforesaid benefits of sports, Sodhi said “We must prepare our children for playing and participation in games of their choice, in addition to the studies, so that they can build up their career for respectful life.”

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