Sumitra Mahajan finally accepts resignations of 5 YSRCP MPs -
Sumitra Mahajan finally accepts resignations of 5 YSRCP MPs
Posted 06 Jun 2018 03:42 PM

The Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan has finally accepted resignations of five YSR Congress Party (YSRCP) MPs, on Wednesday.

PV Mithun Reddy, M Rajamohan Reddy, Varaprasad Rao, YS Avinash Reddy and YV Subba Reddy had resigned during the last session of the house over Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act.

In an extraordinary move, Mahajan had asked them to ‘reconsider’ their decision of resigning from the House.

While the Speaker generally makes sure that no member resigns under pressure, there are no precedents of a Speaker advising an MP to reconsider the decision to leave. YSRCP wanted the resignations to be accepted before June 3. Now, less than a year is left for the expiry of the current Lok Sabha.

About Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act

Popularly known as the Telangana Act, it is an Act of Parliament. It bifurcated the state of Andhra Pradesh into Telangana and the residuary Andhra Pradesh state. The legislature was taken after the Telangana movement.

It defined the boundaries of the two states. It also determined how the assets and liabilities were to be divided. Act has made Hyderabad as the eternal capital of new Telangana state and provisional capital of the Andhra Pradesh state.

On 18 February 2014, the bill was passed in the Lok Sabha and in the Rajya Sabha on 20 February 2014. On 1 March 2014, it was attested by the then President of India Pranab Mukherjee and published in the official Gazette on 2 June 2014.

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