Four years of BJP rule a saga of failures: Manohar -
Four years of BJP rule a saga of failures: Manohar
Posted 07 Jun 2018 04:25 PM

Senior Congress leader, Dr Manohar Lal Sharma on Wednesday said that the four-year rule of the Narendra Modi government has been a failure marked by betrayal of promises and discrimination.
Briefing media persons here, the former minister termed the four years of BJP rule as saga of failures in the State as well as Centre.
Asking that the current status of borders is not hidden from the nation, he said many border residents lost their lives and property due to cross border firing.
“During the tenure of BJP the ceasefire violation has increased 500 per cent as compared to previous regimes,” he said, adding that the nation’s security under BJP is just limited to slogans.
The former minister lamented the Prime Minister Narendra Modi for not resolving any of the serious issues pertaining to the border residents of the Jammu province. He said that the Union Government also failed to deal with the Pak sponsored proxy war leading to manifold rise in anti-national activities in the State.
Hitting out BJP on corruption issue, Manohar said there is a loss of approximate Rs 54,318 crore to the nation under Modi regime. “About 184 scammers have fled the nation just under the nose of BJP,” he said.
He dubbed the Modi government as anti-farmer and claimed that farmers across the country have been forced to take to the streets as injustice was meted out to them by the dispensation.
“The NDA government under Prime Minister Narendra Modi has only meted out injustice to farmers,” he said and added, “Their anger and frustration can be gauged from the fact that they are throwing their produce on the roads.”
There is no increase in MSP and farmers are finding it hard to survive under BJP, he said adding that the result is frequent increase in farmers’ suicides. He also said that unemployment is all time high adding that government provided merely 1.35w lakh jobs in 2015 as compared to 9.3 lakhs jobs provided by UPA in 2011-2012.
Under BJP rule, he said Jammu is discriminated in all fields whether allocation of funds, employment opportunities, etc.
“The sad tale of Achey Din remains a far dream,” he said.

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