How to Communicate effectively at work place? -
How to Communicate effectively at work place?
Posted 06 Aug 2018 03:17 PM

In present era communication plays a vital role in raising your position from below to the top. When it comes to the workplace, communication is very important. With the effective communication you are able to place your ideas perfectly before your teammates, clients and your boss. Workplace communication improves worker productivity.
With the advent of technology, communication takes place in various forms like, telephone conversation, email, texting the information to your team. The important thing here to be taken care of is “how you frame your message,” because sometimes it may be interpreted in a wrong way and results in a loss.
So, here I will tell you about the ways how to communicate effectively. Scroll down:
Face to Face Interaction
This is the most effective form of communication. As a whole group sits together and are free to share their ideas or the strategy for the new project. In this expression of the speaker and listener reveal a lot more for effective communication. While speaking to the group, you need to take care
-Of your body language
-Proper emphasis and articulation of words
-Making eye contact with your audience
Giving Indiviual Time
Some people are not comfortable with sharing their ideas with the bunch of people around them.
So, being the head of the organization or team leader if you find any such candidate in your group, spend some time with him and listen to his ideas. This will have a positive response to him and make him feel part of the company.
Emails and Text Messages
Today, technology has become an integral part of our life and work space. Emails and Text messages are the lifeline of office work. As much of the important information flows in and out of the company through it. The things which should be taken care of being as follows-
-To frame your message clearly, in order to avoid misinterpretation.
– To check the tone of the application or any piece of writing, it should be pleasing.
– To avoid SMS language, which is a big NO.
Replace “HEAR” with “LISTEN”
This is the most important part of the conversation. Most of the people just believe in giving fake nods to show that they are listening. We all want when we speak, the other set of people, that is our audience, should really LISTEN to us and provide their feedback.
From now on, whenever you are about to attend a presentation or social event, replace “HEAR” with “LISTEN”. As everyone has various useful experiences to share through which you get a lot to learn. Through their experience you get, first hand experience of many things that you may not have cared to know earlier. It’s always a good idea to “Listen.”
Humor is the key ingredient
While you speak, make sure to add a pinch of humor. Speaking plainly only about the facts will end up making your audience yawn. If you want to keep your audience engaged and hooked to what you say, you need to add a magic ingredient called HUMOR. Humor makes conversation engaging and the audience look forward to you.
Humor is all about timing. You need to tell the audience that will make them laugh and to which they can connect and say with a big laugh “Bang on! Yeah, it happens.” Using Humor in excess isn’t right as excess can ruin your dish.
So, Be careful. Haha!
Some people find it more convenient to grasp knowledge through presentations as visuals have a far reaching effect on memory. And the major point that is to be noted here is that, in presentations everything is recorded and team can always refer back to it.
Construct messages wisely
Constructing message wisely is an art that you need to master. If you are using too much of the slang in your language while speaking or writing, there are 90% chances that many of your colleagues won’t be able to understand you. This will force them to construct a message on guess leading to total failure.
While you construct message make it a point to fill it with appropriate details. For instance, if it is regarding an event, mention them time.. Venue.. Dress code and things they need to carry. The message should be crisp and short.
Give Examples
Examples are the savior in language. Many times you don’t understand something, but when someone gives an example, you easily get the point of the speaker. The world runs on good examples try to give as many as possible.
Be Affectionate
Don’t be a one in the office who is known for his hot head. Be affectionate towards your co-workers. While walking in the office instead of just passing away, greet your co-workers. Pass a smile of encouragement, a smile doesn’t cost a penny, so do it :. Do something out of the blue to bring a smile to their work burdened faces.
Celebrate the festivities in order to brighten up the working place.
Feedback is the most important aspect of conversation. Feedback does not necessarily means it should be positive it can be negative too. Feedbacks should be encouraged as it tells more what the team has not understood and where they need to work upon. Feedbacks should be received with open mindedness.
Try to understand another person’s message instead of forcing your opinions upon others. This acceptance of point of view creates a healthy work environment.
Don’t be a Gossip Girl/Guy
Gossip is an entertaining activity which many people indulge in. But guys need to stop! The office is not a place to carry out the gossip. Yeah, I believe people would love to call you and listen to all the masala gossip that you have got. But, behind your back they would be quite sure about one thing that this person is not to be trusted. So, try to keep calm and be focused on your work.

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