Posted 08 Aug 2018 04:51 PM

The Traffic police City Jammu challaning a whopping good amount of money through challans every day. Traffic cops are seen across the Jammu City booking the errant drivers and traffic violators in the winter Capital and summer Capital. Jammu Traffic Police's conscious decision of increasing their visibility and positioning in various key areas of the city has resulted in persecution of a whopping above 1000 traffic rules offenders which collected above Rs 3 Lakhs in a Day. Yesterday they collected Rs 6 lakhs by challaning people.
"The renewed efforts have also made roads safer in containing the speed of vehicles on Jammu roads, the number of fatalities has also been reduced. And the efforts of the traffic police is really appreciated.
But do you think this is contributing anyway to maintain the traffic of the state?

Are people learning anything from their mistakes or are repeating it again.?

And is the traffic police maintaining traffic by challaning ?

We totally understand that they have to give punishment to the violators, but can't there be any alternate way?

Like for example instead of challaning money from people, they can find an alternative way for the habitual.
For example in other countries, they have an alternate punishment for the violators. They have come up with an idea of Community Services.
Under this service the people who are found violating traffic rules, again and again, they are made to do a community service. Like paint, the building of society, drive the government vehicles for two days and there could be many more that could be of help to the society. So by adopting such methods, people will also learn and simultaneously they will be of help to the society, and the traffic will also be maintained. We all should think about this and try to bring this idea to our State, so they we are able to bring a small change to the society.
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