Posted 14 Aug 2018 01:56 PM

India is a country with 132 crore population. And each individual is proud of living here. But nobody does their duties towards their own country. And People are so irresponsible when it comes to pay their duties towards the country. Nobody follows any rule or regulation and there is no feeling of patriotism amongst the people. Only on important days such as Independence Day or Repbulic Day, we are reminded of our duties towards the nation and rest days we are being careless towards our country.
But, Do the people living here paying etiquette behaviour towards the nation ?
Now lets see how we let our country is lacking in terms of mannerism ?
1. We spit any where on the road, without acknowledging that we are paying a clareless behaviour towards our own country.
2. We will damage our own country's infrastructure when some adverse situation occur. Like band, strike , etc.
3. We don't follow any deccoram in any office or public services. Like for example, we don't make any queue in any distributive systems, we don't follow any traffic rules, school going students are taught to follow queue in school but, they don't practice this outside the school.
4. We will throw the garbage outside our own house only, or in our neighborhood.
5. People visiting our country are harassed by us ,we do this by charging them extra money or behaving badly with them especially with the female tourist. This spoils our tourism and people leave our country with a bad image in their mind.

We need to ponder on this very seriously and take steps to improve this, if we want our country to be a better one. And it should be the moral duty of every individal of this country, to make it a better and healthy place to live in. Hence we can proudly say that we're proud to be an INDIAN.

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