Dogri play ‘Mahabhoj’ staged -
Dogri play ‘Mahabhoj’ staged
Posted 21 Aug 2018 03:13 PM

JAMMU, Aug 20: The fourth Natrang Theatre Festival-2018 opened here today at Abhinav Theatre and Dogri play ‘Mahabhoj’ written by Manu Bhandari, adapted in Dogri by Prof. Ram Nath Shasrti and directed by Balwant Thakur was staged.
The play revolves around the agricultural labourers of ‘Saroha’ who bear the brunt of the wrath of their landlord for raising voice against his atrocities. In a gruesome act of arson, their settlements are torched and nine innocent lives are lost. ‘Beesu’-a fiery young man is murdered in a dastardly act. The murder of ‘Beesu’ is sensationalized and every political party is out to earn maximum mileage out of it as elections are round the corner. The media magnifies this tragedy beyond proportions. The hurt sentiments of people of ‘Saroha’ are nursed by installing a Cottage Industry Project, thus, providing employment opportunities. ‘Binda’ a friend of Beesu and a crusader, is falsely implicated and arrested.
The artists who performed in the play were Vikrant Sharma, Suresh Kumar, Anil Tickoo, Datta Babu, Neeraj Kant, Sukal Babu, Sumeet Sharma and Sipaahi, Rahul Singh and Appa Sahib, Mohd Yaseen, Meenakshi Bhagat, Gauri Thakur and Vrinda Sharma.
The supporting staff included Suraj Singh, Pankaj Sharma, Abhi Bagotra, Vanshika Gupta, Deepali Sharma, Kushal Sharma, Ashely Mehta, Zeeshan Haider, Ajay Kumar Lalotra, Afaq Khan, Ujhwal Bandral, Sheetal Jhadan, Goutam Sharma and Mohit Kaul.

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