Cong, NC, PDP playing hazardous 'aggressive rebellion': Dr Jitendra -
Cong, NC, PDP playing hazardous 'aggressive rebellion': Dr Jitendra
Posted 29 Apr 2019 12:19 PM

Union Minister Dr Jitendra Singh on Sunday cautioned that in an offer to charm a specific vote bank in Kashmir Valley, Congress, National Conference (NC) and PDP have engaged with playing a risky round of "focused dissidence" amid the race crusade.

Dr Jitendra Singh, who met a progression of open appointments on Sunday, said that the unsafe pattern which is being seen amid the race time in Kashmir valley, is going to leave its scars for quite a while to come. He bemoaned that the ideological groups like the PDP which discuss "recuperating contact", are themselves blameworthy of causing genuine injuries on the Kashmir mind for simply decision contemplations.

With respect to National Conference(NC), Dr Jitendra Singh reviewed that the gathering which was in charge of undertakings for more than three decades when it helpfully permitted the augmentation of different arrangements of Indian constitution into the Jammu and Kashmir, is currently fiendishly controlling the outlook of youthful Kashmiri voters by sowing the secessionist seed of pre-1953 position. He stated, open memory isn't so short as to overlook that Atal Bihari Vajpayee had summarily dismissed the Autonomy goals gone by the Farooq Abdullah Government but then , the dad proceeded as Chief Minister and child as Union MoS, very unconcerned about the declared stand that they have now taken while challenging the decision as an Opposition Party.

Not saving even the Congress Party, Dr Jitendra Singh stated, it is dependent upon its administration to clarify whether, despite the fact that professing to be a national gathering, do they supported the stand taken by their partners. He additionally alluded to the semi-dissenter language turned to by the Congress hopefuls amid the race battle in Kashmir valley.

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