Dogra Front challenges enemies of India ; comments of Mehbooba -
Dogra Front challenges enemies of India ; comments of Mehbooba
Posted 29 Apr 2019 12:32 PM

Dogra Front and Shiv Sena organized a challenge against previous Chief Minister, Mehbooba Mufti's comments of 'liberating Kashmir from India'.

Driven by Ashok Gupta, President Dogra Front and Shiv Sena, various activists amassed close Rani Park zone of Jammu city and raised trademarks against Mehbooba Mufti.

Gupta named the comments of Mehbooba Mufti exceedingly condemnable, in which she expressed that Article 370 is the premise of our association with the nation and increase, and if the Prime Minister feels that Kashmir is in misfortune as a result of it, at that point they should leave Kashmir. "In the event that any individual or ideological group discovers Pakistan a superior spot, it should gather its packs and continue towards Pakistan," he proposed.

Gupta further expressed that before getting to be banner conveyor of Kashmir, Mehbooba should concentrate on her Parliamentary body electorate, in which absolute number of voters are 13,97,272 yet in first period of decision, there was simply 10.66 percent surveying, which unmistakably demonstrates that Kashmiris don't bolster her.

Gupta included that comments of veteran Congress pioneer, P C Chako and Mehboba Mufti, for Yasin Malik are unlawful and dissident in nature. Every such pioneer associated with owning hostile to national expressions and supporting enemy of national components ought to be managed iron hands, he included.

Others present in the dissent included Nikku, Naresh, Dinesh, Rakesh, Sanjeev, Ajay, Bantu, Kalu, Angrez Singh and Abhishek.

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