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On Children’s Day, a teenager’s view of parenting, parenthood and how it’s always the phone’s fault!
Posted 20 Dec 2016 12:04 PM

Some parents pretend you are important. They’ll tell you that you can achieve anything in life and that the rest of your class is dumb and that you know everything.
Others pretend to be listening while you rant on about your day and actually think that they are listening, when in reality you are just another irritating fly on a hot summer day. They will literally tell you to buzz off once they are fed up of your non-stop “yapping”.
When you try to do the same, they either scold you for not listening or they just try to make up with really lame excuses and jokes.
Parents are also liars. The one thing they lie about most is that they do not lie! From the moment you get your first email account they will be tracking you. They know your password since they were with you when you made your account. By the time you get smart enough to realise that you can change your password and delete the stuff you don’t want no parent to see, the deepest and darkest secrets are out. But only partially… And that’s another thing about them parents.
Some listen to your side of the story and why you did what you did, but a larger number don’t. They just assume that you were either trying to be cool, or trying to prove a point or wanted to belong somewhere.
You’re a kid after all. How does it matter? Even if they love you, it sure is an odd way to show your affection by ignoring what the “biggest mistake of your life” is saying.
Sometimes one gets so angry at them for not paying enough attention and you storm out of the room, your anger, however, is mistaken for “teenage mood swings”, which – by the way – happens to be your phone’s fault.
That is another thing parents lie about. Phones. Everything that happens to you is because of your phone.
But have you noticed that most parents spend their time on THEIR phone rather than on you? Their entire day is a Facebook page, with each place they visit represented as a post, and you are just another person whom they decide to unfriend and block.
If you have nothing to do, you either just sit there staring at them like a retard, or you do a bunch of things that may include texting your friend for the homework you don’t remember, and that is the only thing that catches their eye. The texting part, not the content of the text.
Later that night, they’ll steal your phone or go onto any other device and start their midnight search of all the messages sent to you by your friends. What do they think we’re doing? Joining a terrorist attack. Looking for a boyfriend/girlfriend, talking to strangers?
The only logical reason for them to look at your stuff is probably because they did the same at our age (except with actual forms to join a gang, and love letters in class…or, basically, some stuff that you never do). The gang and terrorist thing may be an exaggeration but who knows?! Why don’t we try and secretly get to know what they did, shall we?
Talking to strangers your age is also not a bad thing really; you know what it’s called? Making friends! You can send your kid off to a summer camp just to get rid of them and not expect them to talk to people? So, the next time you tell me to get off my phone and make me some new friends, just remember, I am doing exactly that, except in a different way. AND I have seen that person, okay? I met him/her at my cousin’s party last night (or the summer camp you sent me to), and you know what we had in common? Parents who do not listen, parents who constantly blame your phone (or the device you’re using). Will you believe that?! There are others like you! How did I know that? Because I met strangers and I talked to them.
The other types of parents are the “cool” ones. They pretend to be cool or are generally cool and they actually expect you to talk to them as if you were their best buddy. They want you to pour out all your secrets so that they can judge whether you’re good enough for their kids! They act as if their child is Thor’s hammer and only selected people “are worthy of it”.
These parents are also the ones (in fact, all parents do this) who compare you with this one classmate of yours who is actually the Mad Hatter in disguise and you’re the Hare and the Dormouse who sits with him and knows how insane he is. Every parent thinks this kid is the smartest, the “good child” of the class. But get this, in real life, behind his/her veil of deception, this kid didn’t know who Rosa Parks was. And, just for the record, when we came to your house last week for a party, he/she intentionally broke all your mirrors just because he thought it was fun! But did you even consider him being the culprit? No, obviously not, why would you? He/she is the “good child”.
Another category of parents are the ones who keep on and on and on talking to you until your expression is Clark Gable’s face saying “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn”. Then their expression is like the second last scene of Gone With The Wind, with Scarlett O’Hara crying her eyes out; except, there will be no thinking about it tomorrow ’cause they are done talking to you.
Then there are these parents who you look up to and try to please but they are like Minny from The Help and they are like: “Eat my sh*t”. Now, these parents are the ones who give you free treats if you ask them really nicely and you keep wondering why your parents can’t be like that and you suddenly realise that all parents are the same. They give birth to really awesome people, but they just don’t know it yet.

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