How Yuvraj Singh is leading a healthy life after beating cancer -
How Yuvraj Singh is leading a healthy life after beating cancer
Posted 10 Jun 2019 04:47 PM

Yuvraj Singh, the flamboyant Indian cricketer has announced retirement from international cricket. He is one of India's greatest limited overs cricketers, and after retirement from international cricket, he plans to pursue a freelance career in ICC approved foreign Twenty20 leagues.

Yuvraj Singh made his international cricket debut in 2000 and had captured the hearts of the cricket fans ever since. The talented cricketer is known for his batting and bowling skills, he is tough and has proved it by battling lung cancer. In the year 2011, he was diagnosed with a cancerous tumour in his left lung. Yuvraj suffered from a condition called Lung Seminoma, in which chances of recovery according to experts are more than 95 percent.
However, Yuvraj Singh didn't let the disease consume him and fought hard. With strong willpower and a strong mind, he was able to overcome it and bounce back to normal life by making a remarkable comeback in a Twenty-Twenty match against New Zealand in September 2012. He is a strong believer of healthy body and mind and is an inspiration for today's youth.

Yuvraj eats mindfully and follows a strict fitness routine
During his treatment, he was required to keep a healthy body to combat the disease and that had led to excess weight. After the treatment, in order to get back to cricket, Yuvraj had to lose that weight and get back in shape, which he did. He followed a diet mainly consisting of carbohydrates and high protein. Protein helps to build endurance and prevents fatigue. His diet consists of a balanced mix of cereals, milk, eggs, and chicken. Being a Punjabi, he loves kadhi-chawal and paneer. Yuvraj or Yuvi to his friends is a regular at the gym. He loves to work out daily. He had to rebuild his stamina and vigor again.
Yuvraj Singh trains hard to keep his agility intact. He undergoes a mix of exercises for training speed and fitness levels - like lunges, pull-ups, cable rows, bench press, deadlifts, amongst others. His fans love the fitness videos that he actively shares on his Instagram account.

Yuvraj Singh has a foundation named YouWeCan through which he supports children suffering from cancer.

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