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Kashmir Humanity Foundation
Posted 30 Aug 2019 03:40 PM

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Turning into a KHF INDIA Education Ambassador through our Monthly Giving Program implies that we can depend on your opportune help a seemingly endless amount of time after month. This enables us to convey dependable effect to the kids and networks we serve. A year's responsibility of: Provides a whole homeroom with lunch for an entire month. Furnishes two kids with new shoes, outfits, course readings, and supplies so they may go to class. Gives the endowment of instruction for a tyke out of luck. Furnishes one youngster with shoes, uniform, course books, supplies and all the school expenses to go to a Good school for a whole year.

KHF Social Change Fund

KHF Social Change Fund is an activity intended to create key venture for accomplishing high and long haul sway from social advancement ventures. We perceive the requirement for charitable providing for be inventive and strong. The goal of the Social change reserve is to connect the bay between the magnanimous capability of people and the nearby explicit formative difficulties of a network. Efficient ID of front line not-revenue driven associations and projects that is creative and key in instruction, and vocation advancement KHF India has at first centered around some topical zones of occupation advancement, and training for more prominent adequacy and effect. Each topical zone has an all around characterized method of reasoning, solid targets and an arrangement to offset dangers with returns. This activity gives need-based tasks completely assessed by specialists under each topical zone. An individual benefactor can contribute by filling gift structure. On the other hand, you can contact us at [email protected]

Our Mission

Kashmir Humanity Foundation KHF India mission is to instruct poor people and the other half is to teach the world about poor people. Our vision is to take a stab at a universe of pioneers and natives who have connected with, and are really educated about the world\'s poor. We have confidence in a "pass it on" reasoning where instruction is free and accessible for all who look for it. Those of us who have gotten a free training pass it on by helping other people less blessed by educating, collaborating and learning. With only a couple of hours seven days, our volunteers, youngsters and supporters are changing the world we live in.

Social Venture Philanthropy SVP

Kashmir Humanity Foundation KHF India Asia underscores the way that aiding isn't just a question of scattering cash yet of making a profound, long haul duty and getting an eyeful of a hard eye on results. With this model, the Foundation accomplices with rising and submitted associations for different projects. It attempts to fabricate their ability, preparing them to bit by bit continue and scale up themselves and their exercises. It at first offers them the chance to arrive at their potential and continuously scale up and bear the whole weight themselves. The whole administration and activity of Kashmir Humanity Foundation KHF India Asia is in consistence with the standards of \"Good Governance \"and in this manner separates itself with its set standards of maintainability, versatility, responsibility, straightforwardness, validity and successful initiative

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