Theater in Dogri: Challenges and Possibilities -
Theater in Dogri: Challenges and Possibilities
Posted 07 Sep 2019 04:58 PM


The as of late finished up Dogri Theater celebration—first of its sort to be composed by J&K Academy of Art, Culture and dialects (JKAACL) in relationship with North Zone Cultural Center, Patiala—regardless of being hailed as an appreciated spotlight on 'Theater in Dogri', has likewise brought up numerous issues.

These incorporate a re take a gander at the surviving corpus of Dogri plays, condition of play-composing, and JKAACL's dull methodology in advancing Theater in the primary language as found in the easygoing manner it approached sorting out the much-advertised first Dogri Theater celebration.

From the year 1935, when the principal play in Dogri 'Achut' was composed and arranged by Vishwanath Khajuria at Ramnagar, the corpus of dramatizations in the primary language of Dogras since last 80 years,comprises of an inexact number of 400 of all shapes and sizes full length and one-act plays.

These incorporate unique plays just as interpretations from surely understood measures from Sanskrit, other Indian dialects, and a couple from English.

All most all enormous names of Dogri writing have contributed by writing down shows. These are the pioneers like Ram Nath Shashtri, Dinu Bhai Pant, D C Prashant, Ram Kumar Abrol, Ved Rahi, Madan Mohan, and N D Jamwal. The later age of essayists—who other than writing in their picked class likewise wrote down a couple Dogri plays, and other people who deciphered/adjusted dramatizations from different dialects—are Puran Singh, Narendra Khajuria, Jatinder Sharma, Kavi Rattan, Desh Bandhu Nutan Dogra, Lalit Magotra, Chaman Arora, Om Goswami, Gyan Singh, Mohan Singh, Deepak Kumar, Balwant Thakur, Sudhir Mahajan, Kumar Bharti, Rajeshwar Singh Raju, Shashi Bhushan and numerous others.

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