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M Jackson Cultural Institute of Society presents Hindi play ‘Aarakht Kshan’
Posted 22 Dec 2016 11:36 AM

In the ongoing 10 day long Annual Drama Festival being organized by the J&K Academy of Art, Culture and Languages, M. Jackson Cultural Institute of Society presented a Hindi play ‘Aarakht Kshan’, written by Mahesh Alkuchvar and directed by Sapna Soni, at Abhinav Theatre, here today.
The play deals with the sensitive issues of human relations. Any felony, which may come up intentionally or unintentionally can ruin the sensitivities of the relation, is the main gist.
The play has done full justice to Elkunchwar’s exploration of the female consciousness—a consciousness shaped by boldly changes (puberty to menopause) and their inevitable psychological effects.
It attempts to understand the play’s right psychoanalysis of distressed middle aged women whose anxieties stem from various factors. The woman had lost her adolescent son and there was growing realization of that and to top it all, she has lost her ability to relate her husband and school-going daughter. The only solace in her life was the adolescent paying guest—a school boy who not just reminds her dead son but also arouses her sexually. The two women bound by laws of nature, raise some key issues about sex, the human power of creation and the basic question whether a life devoid of sex signifies death of some kind.
The artists who portrayed the various roles were Sapna Soni as Padma, Abhay Rajput as Babu Ji, Muzmil Khan as Raju and Cherryr Sabikhi as Lali. The music was composed by Sourab Verma, lights were designed by Sandeep Verma, make-up was done by Sonia Dhamir, costumes were designed by Cherry Sabikhi, set was staged by Ajay Rajput and properties were arranged by Muzmil Khan.

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